Joe Correia

Joe Correia was born in Portugal in 1945. He moved to the United States in 1970 and has made The USA his permanent home. America has been Joe's canvas for a very broad range of professional experiences from corporate management to college educator, however, he always has found time for his love of the arts.

Joe has served in The USA Army as a combat photographer, he is also a photojournalist and illustrator. Some of his clients are international companies such as General Dynamics, Atlantic Research Corporation, NASA, AMFUEL, and LTV to name a few. Among various dignitaries his portfolio includes, President Regan, President Clinton, Pope John Paul II, Jim Rodenberry, Connie Francis, James Earl Joans, James Wheatmore, Tippi Edrin, Billy D. Williams, David Brown, Chief Little Horse (last Living descendent of Geronimo) and Ken Burns.